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Ostuni: the White City

ostuni-the-white-cityThe city of light, colours and aromas generated from its land which from the bottom part of the souther Murgia goes towards the olive groves to reach the Adriatic sea, offers its guests rich history, architecture, culture, folklore, healthy air and mediterranean flavours. Inhabited by Messapi, it was once also under the influence of the Greeks and the Romans.

Unique is the view over the city from afar. Ostuni, like the La Lamia in Puglia, sits 240m above sea level and stands 6.625k from the Adriatic coast, it is perched over five hills and offers amazing views and natural beauties to discover such as ‘la Selva’ woods, ‘la Marina’ olive plains, which goes all the way to sea.

The White City, a medieval city enclosed by towers and city walls dating back to the Angioin era, then rebuilt in the Aragonese era, sits on an isolated plateau in the Murge, opposite the Adriatic Sea. Each house is painted in white, and is a view that can be admired from little windows, hundreds of little windows, which look bunched on the walls that face the sunset.

Ostuni’s selva is characterized by houses made out of rocks, which are still today the privileged summer home of many ostunesi and tourists. Our Lamia is indeed part of the Itria valley, a rural and unique landscape linked to legends, myths, symbols, which still today the farmers’ tradition keeps and value through various local events.

Ostuni is split into the ‘Selva’, a hilly area which faces midday, and the ‘Marina’, olive valley and Adriatic coast, facing north, full of masseries which recall the earth masses of the old feudi. The Ostuni masserie, true jewels of the rural southern architecture with Spanish influence, were the home of the lord and the farmer, with spots used for animals and vegetation. The marina masserias distinguish themselves because of the extensive olive groves all around as well as oil mills where, In Ostuni as in the rest of Puglia, olives would be transformed into high quality olive oil.

The coast is kilometres long and set amongst rock, sand dunes and long sandy beaches and characterise this part of the region, rich in Mediterranean vegetation and the sea air of our Adriatic sea. Welcoming tourist villages, historical towers, sea stretches, natural caves and the little port of Villanova with its own Angioin caste-tower, are little local gems that all can enjoy.

It’s not by chance that the city of Ostuni has obtained the Blue Flag and the Four Sails from the Italian Environment Agency.

The sea is only 6km away from Lamia. Beaches that stretch for 17kms are what make up the Ostuni area: spacious stretches of fine white sand, blue and crystal clear sea, and the intense colours of Mediterranean vegetation. Amongst the most beautiful beaches are: Pilone (Lido Morelli e Lido Bosco Verde), Rosa Marina, Monticelli, Villanova, Costa Merlata, Santa Lucia, Torre Pozzella, Lamaforca Torre Santa Sabina.

All you need to do is to come and see us!

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La Lamia, quiet and stylish home
La Lamia, perched on a hill, looks out to ancient olive groves and onto the blue Adriatic Sea and onto Ostuni, the ‘white city’ ...

The house measures approx 40mq and has been furnished with taste and simplicity, also with authentic local traditional pieces ...

How to get to us
The holiday home ‘La Lamia’ is located on a hill about 2km from the ccentre of Ostuni and can be reached from Corso Mazzini ...


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